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Raven Greenley-Edwards
Artist | Student | Varied
Ravenclaw House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud Proud member of Ravenclaw House~!

Awesome people I have the privilege of knowing in-person:
:icondevapathxkonan: :icontdagabby: :iconawesomepancakes: :iconkeera-r: :iconrising-star48: :iconmachalathebest:

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Hai~! I'm Raven, a 17 year-old girl/sometimesmistakenforaboy who just does her own thing and seriously questons her own motives :XD:
I'm a bit of a dorky person that abuses caps lock like there's no tomorrow, and frequently gets attached to complex and usually villainous characters in both movies and literature alike [think Severus Snape, Loki, Cutler Beckett, ect.]

I'm Canadian, but you wouldn't believe how many people think I'm American or British :I
I assure you I'm from Canada. Beavers are evil, Moose are scary, Geese are everywhere and everyone but me seems to be addicted to sports!
[sports are a bore for me D:]

I absolutely LOVE learning about History, but I especially love reading up about the Second World War and the Cold War... and a bit on the Trudeau Era of our Canadian history. As much as I like being here in Canada, I long for the day in which I can go to Europe and get to be surrounded by so much history and diversity ;u;

I've also been fascinated with history regarding the Age of Sail, pirates and the like, and could probably talk you to death about Pirates of the Caribbean if you asked about it ^^;

Sorry if I don't reply to comments... sometimes I don't know how to reply to them, even though I really try my best to say more than just 'ahahaha~' all the time .-.


Flag Counter
Usually I avoid tracking things like this flag counter because I find them a bit creepy, but I put this on here to see where people are from. Like, I enjoy seeing the different countries on display and such c:
I don't care about the number of page views at all, in all honesty. Hence why I disabled that on my dA ;u;
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Supermassive Blackhole by Muse
  • Watching: Cry Plays: Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines
Wow I haven't written a journal in a few months ^^;
But I got tagged [Thanks for that, Miranda xD] so I figured why not? I'm a sucker for this stuff ;u;

Friendly warning though: I'm a bit of a dork answering this stuff ;u;

Legit first name: Raven

Middle name: Winnifred [after my great-grandma who I shared a birthday with :D]

Nickname: Rav, Freddie, Heichou, Birdie [thanks, Holden], Ray-Ray, Raven the Rambler [that's my nickname for myself though]

Location: A small village in the middle-of-nowhere, Ontario, Canada

Age: 17

Height:  5'11/2" [I've literally only grown half an inch since I last measured myself three years ago] :iconlazycryplz:

Zodiac sign: Taurus the Bull, with influences from Cancer and Capricorn

Any pets: Four cats [Manson, Mongo, Luka and Stjepan], a miniature horse [Texas] and a rabbit ['Scary Mary']. I used to have two leopard geckos until I got rid of them recently [Ruben and Dio] :>

Favorite thing(s) about yourself: My ability to not study but still get higher marks on my projects and tests than my friends who did study... a.k.a my bullshit luck I got from my dad [they get mad at me and it's hilarious]

Worst habit: Procrastination. It's by far my worst habit and trait .__.

Fun fact: When I was younger, I used to be terrified of everything.
Clouds, clowns, planes, people... you name it.

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Female

Sexual preference: Too lazy to look up the proper terms, but I'm open to both, but have yet to be attracted to anyone in a sexual way [I'm quite prudish and can't stand nudity or showing too much skin]

Relationship status: Single and quite content to stay that way c:
[Unless you count my 'fake' Skype girlfriend, of course //youknowwhoyouare//]


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": More likely to be a night owl. I get up early sometimes, but more often than not, I stay up into the ungodly hours of the night/morning ;u;

Bath or shower: Shower, though if I'm cramping or not feeling well a bath is much more preferred [I just don't like the thought of sitting in my own filth most days]

First thought in the morning: Goddamnit.

Last thought before falling asleep at night: It varies greatly. It's usually whatever little fantasy plays on in my head at the time.


Do you work or are you a student: I'm still in high-school [last year ;u;], and the only job I have is a part-time summer job cleaning units at an inn up my road~

What do you do well: Drawing/sketching, writing, playing the flute, procrastinating, and playing video games c:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Hopefully with a job I might like, but since I have like, three different ideas on plans in case others fail, it's really up in the air.

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: Not as a habit [and I only ever have one drink anyway], but I'll occasionally have a glass of rum and cola for a special event [yarr]

Smoke: Nope.

Do Drugs: Nuh-uh.

Exercise: *LAUGHS* I wish. Only if I'm hurting during the curse time, or if I actually leave the house to go like, check the mail ;u;

Have a go-to comfort food: Anything chocolate, though that would mean I'm constantly in need of comfort ;u; I usually crave things we don't have at the time though, or just have the most random combinations of food [i.e; crackers with cheese, peanut butter, marmalade and chocolate hazelnut spread... and pickles on the side]

Have a nervous habit: It's hard to explain, but if I get nervous or anxious, I like, grind my thumbnail on the bottom of my two front teeth :I

What is your favorite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): [I feel like I'll come off as narcissistic, which I'm not though] My face, though my eyes in particular ;u; Though apparently my hair and my height make me 'adorable', so heidunno. Wait, is it just physical as in like, on the outside? 'Cause I'm getting mixed reviews based off other people's answers here D:

In Others: *shrugs* Heidunno... Haven't really thought about it, though I do like it when someone has pretty eyes *cough*TillLindemann*cough*
I also like it when others have a dorky personality, 'cause then I can relax around them ;u;

Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): Oh goodness. Uhh... I don't really know. All the ones that come to mind are kind of... not good ;u; Like, I'm pretty detached from feeling for people [I've been accused of being heartless a few times before]... I guess I could say that a good quality of mine can [arguably] be my stubbornness? I'm hard to budge from my beliefs, but I'm relatively open to new ideas. I'm also pretty laid-back, but I'm constantly analyzing things, and if there's a betrayal of trust, good luck getting it back.

Food: Good god, anything dark chocolate and I'm more than happy :> I also really like vegetable crackers and a peanut butter-cheese combination~ AND FISH. Good god I love fish, but I miss being able to eat tuna D: [my parents won't buy tuna anymore because it's all polluted] CHICKEN TOO. My goodness, my thing at school is, whenever someone offers me chicken, I'm just like YES why is this a question?

Drink: Milk, the occasional Cola [not pepsi //toosweet// or rootbeer //just...ugh// or any of that crap though], lemonade and water [only from home though, I can't stand city water]

Animal: Always been the big cats, Cheetahs especially c:

Artist/Band/Group: Oh god, do I have to narrow it down? Really? Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, Lindsey Stirling, Muse, most classical and industrial music, the old Eminem stuff [like, The Eminem Show era], the entire goddamn RWBY OST, the entire Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings OSTs , stuff like that ;u; 

Author/Poet: Don't really have one, though I'm a fan of Scott Westerfeld's work with the Leviathan trilogy c:

TV Show: Uhh, I liked:

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars [I've only seen season one and a bit of season two, but it was spectacular and I should really watch the rest like holy shit] 
  • South Park [I haven't watched it since Season 12 though since we don't have TV] 
  • Storm Hawks [I liked the animation style] 
  • RWBY [it's not on TV, but it counts in my books since it's a multi-episode series] 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer [I watched it with my parents, though they've seen it like, four times already]

I don't really know much about these new shows you hip kids watch, since we haven't had access to cable to satellite tv in at least four years [we never watched it anyway] ^^;
I HAVE watched a bit of Once Upon A Time though, and it seemed pretty cool. I also tried getting into TURN, but I've only watched two episodes so far ;u;

Actor/Actress: Oh goodness. Most actors/actresses I've only seen in one or two movies so this probably isn't accurate [besides their looks xD] but sure [I'll give the reasons so it might make sense more than just 'they were attractive okay']:

  • Angelina Jolie [I've seen her in a few movies and she seemed pretty cool. She's also my mom's favourite actress ;u;] 
  • Tom Hollander [he made a great villan in PotC] 
  • Jack Davenport [Fucking adored his PotC character and he's got really pretty eyes okay //slapped] 
  • Johnny Depp [he's great in all roles, but I still can't get 'Jack Sparrow' out of my mind no matter what role he plays jhgfds] 
  • Alan Rickman [Snape was a spectacular character, and as weird as that movie was, also liked his role in Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ;u;] 
  • Kiera Knightly [Okay, she's just too gorgeous for her own good, but her acting seems good from what I've seen]

Wow, that went downhill fast. THAT'S ENOUGH CELEBRITIES FOR NOW.
[Orlando Bloom was a contender since most of his roles are great, but I didn't like him in PotC much, since to me, he always sounded too dramatic, like he was trying too hard fdjhgj but he was great in LotR and Troy //hisroleinTroyalmostmademecryholyshit]

Okay okay, I'm actually done now ;u;

I'll tag :icondevapathxkonan: and :iconnarusasu24:, because they're the only ones I'm confident enough to tag ;u;
If you've done this before, then you can just ignore this, heidunno sjdhgfhrf

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